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Save time and stay in your flow with Smart Layout

Set Smart Layout once and watch your designs automatically resize whenever you edit content, saving you hours of manual work.

Say goodbye to manual resizing

Keep your designs in line with minimal effort. Smart Layout automatically keeps spacing and padding in place as you add, edit, resize and remove elements in your layout. Set it once and forget about manually measuring spacing or resizing containers ever again.

Explore and iterate faster

You can use Smart Layout with buttons, cards, menus, lists — you name it. Whatever you create will automatically adapt to changes while staying true to the rules of your layout. Setup is simple, too. You can do it all in seconds, and make changes on the fly, with keyboard shortcuts.

Create without compromises

Smart Layout works great with even stacks, where you can also easily re-order layers and adjust their spacing, but it doesn’t stop there. Want to space your layers unevenly, place them side by side or overlap them? Smart Layout can also handle that, because tools shouldn’t hold you back.

Fine-tuned flexibility

Set resizing constraints along with Smart Layout to specify layout settings at a layer-level — great for creating responsive components. Plus, pause Smart Layout whenever you want and make any adjustments you need.

Your design system’s best friend

With Smart Layout, you can create fewer, more flexible Symbols to help keep your design system cleaner and more concise. Better still, you can control exactly how they’ll resize when your collaborators work with them, ensuring everything stays consistent.

One feature, three ways

Smart Layout in Symbols

Set up Smart Layout with your Symbols and build reusable, consistent components, flexible enough to adapt to every scenario.

Smart Layout in groups

Let Smart Layout take over whenever you add, remove or resize layers in groups — no more manually nudging everything around!

Smart Layout in Artboards

Make Artboards longer or wider as you add content. Perfect when you’re designing long scrolling screens, list views, and websites.

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